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Fall 2014 Capstone Project

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Date: Dec 15th, 2014 / Author: Lora Howard /

The Fall 2014 Design / Build Senior Capstone Project took place Friday, December 5th in Bishop-Favrao Hall. The Fall 2014 project was for four animal exhibits at Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke, VA. Each team prepared a proposal for one of the four animal exhibits: red pandas, marmosets, vultures, and a cougar/lynx exhibit. Three teams prepared a proposal for the red pandas, including upgrades to their existing exhibit and sky bridges to trees near their existing exhibit. Two teams prepared a proposal for the marmosets, which involved upgrades to their existing exhibit and outdoor expansions to provide space for the addition of new marmosets. The vulture exhibit, for which two teams prepared a proposal, involved upgrades to their existing exhibit making room for nesting, flying, and breeding, as well as erosion control issues. Finally, the cougar/lynx exhibit project was prepared by two teams, involving adaptations to the existing cougar habitat to allow for it to house two separate exhibits for the cougar and the lynx. All of the projects involved unique design and construction challenges, involving many stakeholders, a difficult to access job site, a vague RFP, and much more! Mill Mountain Zoo, a non-profit organization, plans to use the proposals created by the class to solicit donations in order to implement these designs.

Congratulations to the Maroon Team for taking first place in the event! Maroon team members include Stephen Bocchicchio, Brendan Farrell, Sam Savoia, Max Stadel, and Yihao Jonathan Zhou, who completed a proposal for the marmoset exhibit.

Click HERE for additional information regarding the challenge.