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MLSOC Futures Conference

On March 26-27 the Myers-Lawson School of Construction hosted a Futures Conference. The conference brought together some of the best and brightest minds in the construction industry for a two day presentation and panel discussion about the upcoming trends. Collectively this year’s panel brought together over 100 years of industry experience.

Build LAB Creations

With the holidays around the corner students are taking advantage of resources in the Build LAB to create one-of-a-kind gifts.







  Laser etched coaster set                          

XYZ Student Art Gallery Collaborates with BuildLab

XYZ, a student-run art gallery, experimented with the use of vinyl in a recent art show.  Using equipment and resources in the BuildLab, they produced the following items: 

    Vinyl used in Art Show

    Vinyl used on the gallery door.    Vinyl applied on signage. 

Belize Team Day 3 - From Dr. Fiori

Day three began with a bike tour of the island by the Ocean Academy
students. They showed us the popular tourist spots and then
personalized our tour to our research. We went to the dump, where they
openly burn trash to see the quantity of plastic in the dump area.
There was a large quantity of recyclables there, which further
confirmed our research. The rest of the day the teams split into two

Belize Team Day 2 - From Dr. Fiori

We had a busy day today. We met with the village council today to
present the solutions that the students developed this semester. The
village chairmen, Wayne Miller was delighted with solutions presented
and looked forward to working with us to implement the solutions on
the island. Next the team went to Ocean Academy high school and
participated in their sports day. The team then started their
surveying of the community about the recycling of plastics on the

Belize Team Day 1

7 students, 2BC 5 CEMs are in Caye Caulker a small island off the coast of Belize city to present their proposed recycling program to the island council and business group. The students are also working with Ocean Academy High school and the co founding Vice-Principal, Joni Miller, to complete some projects to include remodeling class rooms, garbage storage area and helping the students build a kayak out of plastic bottles as part of our campaign to help with recycling awareness.

Dr. Fiori will be documenting the events. 

Below is her account of day one: