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Director's Message

Dr. Brian Kleiner

Welcome to the Myers-Lawson School of Construction

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can report the Industry is bouncing back and the Myers-Lawson School of Construction vision, constituent academic programs, research projects and outreach activities are stronger than ever.  This is not because of us.  We are simply the messengers.  The Principal Faculty in the School are productive, the undergraduate students in Building Construction, and Construction Engineering and Management are actively learning and excited, and the graduate students in VCEMP and BC are engaged in value-added research and beyond.  Service learning within the US (e.g. Habitat) and beyond (e.g. Haiti, Belize, Uganda) benefits both those served and provides a life changing and career defining experience to our students.  We have one of the most distinguished and active Industry Boards any of us have experienced.  Board committees co-chaired by an industry person and a faculty member are literally implementing a strategic plan that supports construction education, research and outreach, two colleges and a University!  Not the norm folks!  As evidenced by the following pages, the faculty, board members and students have at least one thing in common: others are recognizing them for their achievements and contributions to the Industry and Society.  To borrow some terminology from Research, "the evidence suggests we are seeing significant results".  The kinds of achievements and results we are seeing, only partially captured on the following pages, can only be achieved by a unified purpose, and a team of faculty, students, staff and board, sailing in the same direction, with knowledge, skills and experience to navigate sometimes rough waters and unpredictable winds.  We have never been more honored to serve this Country, Industry and University and hope you feel the same.

Brian M. Kleiner, Ph.D.
Director, Myers-Lawson School