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Exploring Housing Innovation

Recipient of Alumni Aspire! Award

John Lawson

John Lawson, one of the two founding members of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction has been recognized for ENR MidAtlantic Legacy Award.

Recent MLSoC News Stories

One of MLSOC’s own Industry board members; Herb Morgan, Senior Vice President of Flour Construction, writes an article showing the growing importance of safety in the construction industry. With the age old image of construction being a dangerous job the new look on the industry is a welcome change for everyone from tradesmen to CEO’s.

On March 26-27 the Myers-Lawson School of Construction hosted a Futures Conference. The conference brought together some of the best and brightest minds in the construction industry for a two day presentation and panel discussion about the upcoming trends. Collectively this year’s panel brought together over 100 years of industry experience.

The panel included:

The Midtown tunnel in Hampton Roads VA. is projected to open in 2018.  This $2.1 billion public private partnership will look to alleviate traffic in the Hampton Roads area with a new tunnel as well as maintenance work to the existing tunnels.