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Myers-Lawson School News

Recent MLSoC Milestones

The pair have collaborated to develop an exosuit

Virginia Tech will convey its highest honor on John Lawson

A Building Construction Student Lives a Life of SErvice

Myers-Lawson Students build sculpture at the Taubman Museum of Art to benefit Feeding America of Southwest Virginia

Virtual Construction Manager & yPOD contributor receives award

Recent MLSoC News Stories

Congratulations Drs. Georg Reichard & Andrew McCoy upon being named Preston & Catharine White Fellows.

Reichard, an associate professor of the Myers-Lawson School of construction has been appointed Preston and Catharine White Fellow by Virginia Tech President Timothy D. Sands and Senior Vice President and Provost Mark G. McNamee.

Dr. Josh Iorio works with students in Fauquier Co. School

John E. Taylor, professor of civil and environmental engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, presented the John L. Tishman Distinguished Lecture in the Tishman Construction Management Program at the University of Michigan on November 13th.  His lecture was entitled “Energy efficiency dynamics at the intersection between human and engineered networks.”

Dr. Simmons awarded NSF PRIME Grant

One of MLSOC’s own Industry board members; Herb Morgan, Senior Vice President of Fluor Construction, writes an article showing the growing importance of safety in the construction industry. With the age old image of construction being a dangerous job the new look on the industry is a welcome change for everyone from tradesmen to CEO’s.

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