Academic Programs

The Myers-Lawson School spans several departments and programs across colleges at Virginia Tech and offers a variety of construction related degrees, which are either administered directly by the Myers-Lawson School or otherwise through the respective participating department or program.

Construction Engineering and Management Program (MLCEMP)

Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) integrates principles of engineering for the planning, design, and management of the construction of the built environment.  The Myers-Lawson undergraduate CEM program considers all four sectors of construction:  residential, commercial, industrial and heavy, and applies new and emerging technology, while simultaneously focusing on human factors.  This is the perfect degree for students who want to be an engineer, possibly to attain their PE license and manage construction projects and processes.

Department of Building Construction (BC)

The Building Construction curriculum prepares students with the professional capabilities to critically address the present and evolving needs of the construction industry. To perform successfully in the construction industry, students must develop an understanding of the technical aspects of construction while applying useful construction management practices and tools to maintain control and provide informed optimal decisions.

Therefore, the program focuses on the understanding of construction technology, construction management, and production management processes. Professional information, exchange seminars, field visits, and collaboration with firms in the construction and construction management fields complement and reinforce the core program.

Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program (VCEMP)

The Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program (VCEMP) at Virginia Tech offers opportunities, through course work and faculty research interests, for graduate students to acquire expertise in all phases of the construction life cycle. Leading industry trends and technological innovation are hallmarks of this internationally prominent program.  

Joint Program in Real Estate

The Pamplin College of Business and MLSoC Joint Program in Real Estate is a unique real estate program that bridges a national leading program in business and technology with a nationally leading program in 21st Century construction development.