MLSoC professor contributes to Smart Design in Construction and is awarded NSF Grant

Dr. Abiola Akanmu, assistant professor in the Myers Lawson School of Construction, is leading the grant, “Impact of Interactive Holographic Scenes in Learning Applications of Data Sensing and Modeling.” Awarded by NSF’s Improving Undergraduate STEM Education program, this project aims to create and assess a pedagogical framework (using mixed reality) for equipping the future construction workforce with competencies required for deploying data sensing technologies on construction projects, without exposing students to the hazardous construction site environment. This work will address the pressing issue of present and future imbalance between technological transformations in the construction industry and the future workforce.

The rise in the adoption of sensing technologies in the construction industry has triggered a demand for graduating construction engineering and management (CEM) professionals who can lead innovations in the field applying contemporary technology skills. Empowering students with such skills is challenging because of limited access to construction sites due to safety, schedule and weather constraints.

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