Fall 2018 Senior Capstones

At the end of the fall semester, seniors completed their Fall 2018 Design/Build Senior Capstone project. The Fall 2018 capstone project scope of work included a full Design Build service proposal for a high rise office building in Alexandria, Virginia. The building will host 4,300 employees and provide conference and meeting facilities for the 6,000 visitors each year. The building must also provide a designated parking area as required by the City of Alexandria.

The developer of the project also required the building design to comply with the U.S. General Services Administration Sustainable Design Program, Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Program and the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Rating System. Student teams were judged based on their technical proposal, design and construction documents, design creativity and originality, drawings and specifications, outline specifications in uniform and other components identified within the Statement of Work.

The capstone project was sponsored by Balfour Beatty Mid Atlantic Office. The first place team consisted of Caitlin Holliday, Iana Cailipan, Timothy Reynolds, Megan Golinowski and Jacob Yates. The second place team consisted of Nicolas Seifert, Aman Vipul Kalathia, Jack Caldwell, Jonathan Roach and Maxwell Gordon. All competing teams presented high quality work. The involvement of the industry board members, faculty and guests is greatly appreciated by all. The department would like to thank Balfour Beatty Mid Atlantic Office for sponsoring the project and Walter Story for sponsoring the capstone reception.