Virginia Tech Construction Programs Earn Top Rankings

At the Myers-Lawson School, we uniquely have available to students and employers an ACCE-accredited Construction Management Degree (Building Construction) and an ABET-accredited Construction Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management) degree. We are delighted that College Factual recognizes and highly rates and ranks our programs.

Dr. Brian Kleiner, Director at Myers-Lawson School of Construction

College Factual ranks programs offered by four-year colleges and universities and has recently updated its rankings. Virginia Tech’s Construction Management (Building Construction) program was ranked #3 out of 33 schools nationwide. This puts the school’s program in the Top 10% of all Construction Management programs in the United States. Virginia Tech has achieved this ranking 2 years in a row. Myers-Lawson also offers a Construction Engineering degree, which was ranked #3 most popular and #6 most focused in all of the United States.