Bachelor of Science in Building Construction

The BC undergraduate program focuses on the business and process of making buildings, and the performance of buildings including operations, finance, energy, and sustainability. These degree options are meant to better equip construction industry professionals with the necessary tools for excellence in all phases of the built environment. The building construction degree incorporates science and efficiency at all levels; from planning, designing, estimating, procuring, scheduling, implementing and maintaining buildings necessary for the way our world will need to build, and live, in the future.

A variety of different tracks offer opportunities to students who wish to lead in this challenging, changing world. Separate options include integrative elements: leadership, nontechnical skills, entrepreneurship, and best practice management principles to prepare graduates for the challenges of tomorrow. Core questions that bind us-how buildings perform in the world of limited energy and resources, how people will live and interface within this world and technology, how information will be managed for the life of these facilities, how communities will develop to better adapt to the realities of the 21st century-are themes across the options as well.

All degree options in our undergraduate program begin with a common core during the first three semesters of study. This core is a science-based curriculum that provides a basis for ACCE accreditation requirements. All transcripts are designated with the appropriate tracks.