Safety, Health, and Wellness Commitment

As we await a vaccine (elimination) and plasma therapies (substitution), at the MLSoC, we are focused on the lower three levels of the hierarchy of controls. These are less effective than Substitution and Elimination, so we need to be vigilant about using PPE, Administrative, and Engineering Controls.

  1. We get it; we are Construction. We are the Myers-Lawson School of Construction. Safety, Health, and Wellness is what we do. We perceive hazards, we practice, and we promote (P3) safety, health, and wellness to protect our family. It is a core value of our industry and of our school.
  2. We understand and follow the hierarchy of hazard controls. We will treat BFH like any job site, and COVID as a dangerous hazard we need to control.
  3. As a safety-minded construction family, we practice safety protocols when we carry out DIY projects as well. Therefore, we will perceive, practice, and promote (P3) safety, health, and wellness off-campus as well. We will not be the cause of a site or company shutdown.
  4. We understand that enforcement reinforces a value-based safety, health, and wellness system. We understand there are consequences to our behavior.
  5. We accept that following the hierarchy of controls to prevent COVID infections to others (and ourselves) is not political, but a matter of human-centered policy, life, and death.
    We get it; we are Construction.

We aim to be leaders in the Community Wellness Commitment.

(excerpted from Bishop-Favrao Hall Site-specific Safety Plan)