Our Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Building Construction Science and Management

The Master of Science in Building Construction at Virginia Tech is awarded at completion of 32 credit hours. The degree offers the opportunity for advanced study and research in specialized areas related to building design, construction, and operations over a broad range of scales, providing the basis for diverse career paths and/or entry into a Ph.D. level program.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

The Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering (MSCE) can be undertaken with a research orientation (through the preparation of a thesis), or it can be accomplished through a non-thesis path which includes more extensive coursework and may include a project and report. The MS CE degree has been designed to prepare students for an advanced degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in construction engineering and management.

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Design & Planning (EDP)

The Department of Building Construction in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction offers an Environmental Design and Planning (EDP) degree, which prepares doctoral students with the professional and academic skills to address the challenges of creating and maintaining tomorrow's built environment. The Doctor of Philosophy degree offers the opportunity for advanced study and research in specialized areas relating to building design, construction, operations, and end-of-life-cycle, providing the basis to contribute to the construction field from positions in either industry or academia.

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. students in the Civil Engineering Construction track must complete an approved program of study comprising a minimum of 90 credit hours of graduate study beyond the baccalaureate. Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering have satisfactorily completed a Master of Science Degree in either Civil Engineering or in Environmental Engineering. Students may enter this program from other engineering curricula or from areas outside of engineering, as outlined for the Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.

Doctoral IGEP in BioBuild

The BioBuild Program is an interdisciplinary graduate education program (IGEP) at Virginia Tech. The purpose of IGEPs is to promote and sustain interdisciplinary graduate education and research at Virginia Tech.  Each IGEP addresses a major fundamental problem or complex societal issue requiring an interdisciplinary team of scholars. In case of the BioBuild Program, there are currently five faculty part of the leadership group of the program.