Industry Mentorship Program

The Myers-Lawson School of Construction and the Industry Board have established a mentorship program to provide sophomores and juniors with the opportunity to develop a relationship with an industry professional. The goal of the program is to provide students with a mentor who can serve many roles including but not limited to fielding questions as they arise during coursework, providing a valuable perspective to complement course material, and providing career advice so that students' initial employment years put them on a trajectory towards early success. Pairing students with a suitable mentor can speed up their acquisition of professional knowledge and enhance their learning. Whether students are seeking to learn more about themselves, their future jobs, or the industry, mentoring can be a great way for students to achieve their professional development goals. Mentors can help students to make sense of what they're learning and help them to understand how the knowledge they've gained applies to real-life professional contexts. Mentors are also resources that will continually help students to build their network and grow professionally.

See what students are saying about their mentors:

  • "One of the main topics that I discussed with my mentor was his day-to-day activities and what to expect being completely new to the industry."
  • "We talked about my career plans, construction management topics, and leadership topics. One example is the relationship between general contractors and subcontractors."
  • "We talked about my Capstone project experience and parallels between my ROTC plans and my building construction degree."
  • "We mostly discussed entrepreneurship. I want to own my own company one day so he told me about owning a construction company and how to start one up. He also talked about the advantages and difficulties about doing so and what I can do to be most successful in starting my own company."
  • "His advice has been beneficial especially heading into my internship this summer in terms of knowing what to expect."

Each year, mentors and mentees are introduced to each other during the Fall Career Fair and then hold monthly meetings either virtually or face-to-face to discuss topics related to the student's professional growth. The formal mentorship period lasts from November through July, although in many cases, the relationships extend well past the formal period.

If you're a student or an industry representative and would like to participate in the Mentorship Program or if you have questions about the Program, please contact Dr. Josh Iorio (