The Safety, Health and Well-being Community of Practice is comprised of teaching, research, and industry engagement projects that seek to achieve significant safety and health performance outcomes in the industry for the well-being of workers and the betterment of communities.

Research Projects

Investigators: PIs: D. Dickerson, A. McCoy
Sponsor: Institute for Culture, Society, and the Environment
Investigators: PIs: Boyle Kevin, Cobourn Kelly M, McCoy Andrew P, Wiseman Phillip E
Sponsor: USDA/Forest Service, Department of Agriculture
Investigators: PIs: Nussbaum Maury A, Dickerson Deborah E, Srinivasan Divya, Gabbard Joseph L, Lau Nathan
Sponsor: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Investigators: PIs: Pruden-Bagchi, Edwards, Pearce
Sponsor: Department of Health & Human Services
Investigators: Iorio, J.
Sponsor: CEO Safety Committee