ASC Construction Managment Competition

1200 students. 166 teams. 43 universities.

24 students from Myers-Lawson School of construction at Virginia Tech were among the 1200.

The 27th Annual Associated Schools of Construction Regions 6 & 7 Student competition is the largest construction management student competition in the nation. The teams are presented with industry provided problems to solve. Read more about ASC Construction Managment Competition

ASC Construction Management Competition Day 2

Day 2.

From Dr. Fiori's previous competition experience today's team schedule was similar to the following:

The teams picked up their assigned problems at designated hours between 6:30 and 8:00 am.

After an approximate two hour review, an optional RFI session is held, all of the competing teams can attend their respective RFI sessions together, so that all member benefit from the answers.

Throughout the day teams are allowed to submit additional questions in a formal RFI format. The sponsor company will compile and distribute the answers to all of the teams. Read more about ASC Construction Management Competition Day 2

BIM Team turns in their solution