Smart Infrastructure Laboratory (VT-SIL) mission is to advance research and education in topics that utilize sensor information to improve the design, monitoring and daily operation of civil and mechanical infrastructure as well as to investigate how humans interact with the built environment.  The centerpiece of VT-SIL is the full-scale living laboratory in the new, 160,000 square foot Goodwin Hall, which is the most instrumented public building in the world for vibration monitoring of both the building structure as well as human activity in the building.  In conjunction with the VT College of Engineering and the support of Dean Richard Benson, VT-SIL is continuously developing and building a living laboratory, where over 140 accelerometer mounts (3 axis per mount capability), along with other sensors, are being mounted throughout the entire 5-story building. As of December 2015, the phase I instrumentation with 225 hard-wired accelerometers is complete  and is in  its validation stage.  Significant amounts of pilot data have already been collected and analyzed in a myriad  of research studies.  As of late fall 2015 the building instrumentation has become fully and continuously operational collecting data 24/7 and 365 days a year generating interesting challenges from data storage and collection to data mining and building dynamics.  Welcome to our website and watch the laboratory come to life with regular construction and research updates!