Research and Outreach Program Highlights

Hokie Bird wearing a mask.

Stay up-to-date with all the Virginia Tech plans for the Fall 2020 semester with the VT Ready website

All the information you might need can be found here. On the VT Ready site, you will also find an online dashboard to keep the community informed about COVID-19 test results and the number of students in on-campus isolation spaces. Hokies Mask Up!

As we await a vaccine (elimination) and plasma therapies (substitution), at the MLSoC, we are focused on the lower three levels of the hierarchy of controls. These are less effective than Substitution and Elimination, so we need to be vigilant about using PPE, Administrative, and Engineering Controls.

Virtual Career Fair Lobby

The MLSoC Spring Career Fair will go virtual this Fall - registration is now open.

Graduate student Chinmay Lad became the 1000th person to earn the CM-BIM credential from the Associated General Contractors of America and therefore made the cover of the current issue of Constructor Magazine. He is pursuing his Masters degree in the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. You can find the article here.


Dr. Abiola Akanmu, assistant professor in the Myers Lawson School of Construction, is leading the grant, “Impact of Interactive Holographic Scenes in Learning Applications of Data Sensing and Modeling.”