Research Mission

Research is integral to the mission of the Myers-Lawson School. The faculty is dedicated to answering pressing industry questions that will lead to solutions to the most challenging problems in the built environment. The School has a coordinated faculty group that supports research and scholarship across the breadth of technical and managerial areas of inquiry needed in a diverse and competitive construction industry. In addition, the transfer of knowledge gained through research into the School's curriculum and its Outreach Programs is a high priority. If you desire to participate in the School's quest to advance the industry's knowledge base as either a student or an industry partner, we welcome your interest and invite you to contact us.

Areas of Excellence

The faculty depth in the Myers-Lawson School makes it possible to establish a variety of focus areas - or Areas of Excellence - for inquiry and discovery. Currently, the faculty has identified three Areas of Excellence Initiatives that cut across teaching, research and outreach activities and provide a common ground for interaction between faculty and students. Over time, additional initiatives are likely as the demands of the industry change. Learn more.